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Evaluation and Training

bixby_surveyDoes your town need help? Do you have leadership?

CITYMARK methods can energize your town into productive action! Your town can experience a customized on-location evaluation and training program that will grade (120) specific classifications, all of which are critical factors necessary when competing with other towns for business, industry, tourism and development for a affordable price of $5,500.00 plus transportation from Kansas City, Missouri. The process will identify strengths and weakness and grade (10) major town categories with great accuracy. One can not fix problems if you do not know what is broke! Since 1985, CITYMARK has helped numerous towns do just that!
Together we can! Together we will!

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committeeEvaluation Rating Process

1. Industrial Development 100.0
2. Commercial Business 100.0
3. Health Care 100.0
4. Education 100.0
5. Residential 100.0
6. Municipal 100.0
7. Transportation 100.0
8. Quality of Life 100.0
9. Leadership Development 100.0
10. General Appearance 100.0
          Possible Rating 100.0


Each community category will be evaluated by agency. A community team comprised of four well-informed, knowledgeable and qualified people, who have the knowledge of community assets and liabilities will serve as host for the evaluation process.

The community should provide a good vehicle for evaluation tour and a central location for participants to meet and work.

Each category will have a special recognition line or bonus category for the purpose of adding points to the process for unique situations or performance of excellence. Total bonus points cannot exceed 5.0 rating points in any valuation category.