CITYMARK, Economic Development for Small Town America


On September 21, 2012, fifteen Northwest Missouri town leaders met in Chillicothe, Missouri to learn ways to stimulate their local economy so they could survive, prosper, compete, grow and improve quality of life. The "Make It Happen " conference was a one day event sponsored by AT&T and Northwest Missouri State University. The event, conducted by CITYMARK who since 1985 has established a successful reputation of working with small towns in the United States and Canada. Several community projects have already resulted as a result of the conference. The general feeling from participants in attendance was that they learned self-help proven economic development methods and were taught to apply the Ten Category CITYMARK Evaluation Process. As a result of that training they could return to their community, evaluate their town on a scale of zero to ten, identify positives and negatives and created a plan of action that will allow leaders to activate programs so they could make a recovery and excel.

For communities that would like to review training methods used by CITYMARK, they can purchase a CD Training Kit for just $125.00. The Training method will allow leaders to organize their group and establish programs for successful growth.

In addition, CITYMARK is available for local, district or regional conferences. Contact CITYMARK at